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Feb 20, 2013 6:00am EST
for other projects. >>> next up this morning right here on wjz. >> jesse jackson junior and his wife appear in federal court today. coming up, the charges they both face and their expected pleas. >> why the feds are getting involved in the case of the deadly hopkins gynecologist who took pictures of his patients. i'm mike schuh a live report next. >> a teenager who shot up his school on the first day enters a plea. i'm rochelle richie, the latest on robert gladden junior coming up next. >> i'll have the latest on your morning commute in just a few. >> audiences are flocking to theaters to see a good day to die hard the fifth film in the series. ji courtney tell us what it was like working with bruce willis and playing his son in his latest one. stay tuned that's coffee with. >>> we're taking >>> it is 6:30 and very pretty, pretty cold and windy. sharon is watching the streets, marty is over at first warning weather. >> there's this light area of moisture. i think the bulk of this is aloft and not falling. it's very dry right now. be surprised if any of this is hitting the ground but
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am EST
baltimore, better maryland. >> phillipe jackson is the principal of gilmore elementary school in baltimore and he says it's falling apart. >> you see the vents, you have some that work, some that does not work. >> in fact the baltimore education coalition says it has a bold long range plan. $1 billion is the estimate for the amount needed to renovate 65 schools, perhaps the harder sell will be the political will needed from the governor and lawmakers. >> when the confetti falls on the last day of the session, we will have a deal for baltimore schools. >> we really need to make some improvements in baltimore city schools. >> we recognize that our children deserve the best and if they're going to learn they've got to be in facilities ready for learning. >> jackson's school is a prime example and gilmore elementary is on the list to be renovated if it can make it that far. >> do you think people will come up with the money? >> reporter: the governor has expressed interest in the concept but has not thrown his support behind the this legislation. i'm mike schuh reporting live. >>> th
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am EST
of money. former chicago area congressman jesse jackson junior pleads guilty to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash on personal luxury items. it's marty's over in the first -- it's meghan mccorkell with the story. >> good morning. jesse jackson, junior was a congressman and now he could face years behind bars. >> jesse jackson junior emerges from federal court in dc. >> i'm sorry. >> after plead ing guilty to federal conspiracy charges. in tears in tonight of the judge jackson admitted to spending 3 quarter s of a million to finance his lavish lifestyle. he spent $60,000 at restaurants and nightclubs $43,000 on a rolex watch. >> it is clear that jesse jackson became convinced that his campaign account could be used to satisfy any personal whim that he had. >> jackson's wife, sandra, also pled guilty for filing false tax returns. she admitted she failed to report $600,000 in income. jesse jackson junior resigned from congress last november. he's been treated at the major clinic for bipolar disorder. >> those health issues are related to his present predictment.
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am EST
able to play craps blackjack and poker as early as next month. kai jackson explains how they hope it will make a bigger economic boom. >> when the hollywood casino opened in 2010 it was the biggest thing to hit the small town of perryville. >> hollywood casino. >> near ly ly 3 years later the operators want to up the ante on gambling. maryland voters improved the expansion of table games last november. how the hollywood casino says it will start table gaming in march >> we will be able to draw people who haven't been here before, give them a reason to want to come. >> maryland live has started training table game dealers. >> i'd rather be behind the scenes dealing. >> we expect to be flipping cards by early spring. >> it's estimated the expansion will generate 1,200 new jobs at maryland live and 100 new jobs at hollywood. >> this is going to make us a full casino. >> they still need permits from lottery and gaming control to make sure all regulations are in place. >> maryland live don't have an exact start for table games just sometime this spring. >>> maryland's attorney general
Feb 19, 2013 6:00am EST
the pump -- at the pump has increased for 32 strait 2 -- strait days. kai jackson reports this morning. >> the price of gas is burning a hole in the wallets of some drivers. many are doing a double take as they fill up their tanks. >> it's putting a big dent. $60 just to fill the tank up. it used to take $30. >> the national average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.73 gallon. that's 43 cents more than the average cost of gas just one month ago. >> triple a tells eyewitness news one of the reasons gas prices are higher is because the price of crude oil has gone up. the decision to decrease production reduced supply. at the moment demand is down as well. >> investors believe that oil will continue to rise. that's further inflating the crude oil prices and gas prices. >> marcus admits it's not cheap to fill up his audi. he said he uses the car for recreation and not every day driving. >> we're depending on oil and it has to make a change. we have to make a change. >> triple a says gas prices are expected to rise through april. they're not expected to be as high as they were last
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am EST
being abused. i'm kai jackson, i'll tell you what the story is all about and the person in trouble coming up. >> i'm sharon gibala with wjz traffic control. if you're about to head out not very many problems. we will tell you if there are any and where they are. >> if you're a fan of dave berry, you're lucky. he joins us on coffee with to talk about his latest novel his first in a decade called insane city. stay tuned. what a beautiful stay start this is. red sky in the morning, sailor take warning rain on the way. first warning details when we come back right. >>> it's 6:30. it looks like we have the making for a dramatic sunrise this morning. any drama on your drive? sharon will let you know after marty's first warning weather. >> light moisture out to the west will be here by midday and start as a slight before becoming all rain. 30 on tv hill. that's 7 warmer than this time yesterday. it's western maryland that has the winter weather advisory in effect, not central or points east. at lunch on its way to a high of maybe 37. light mix resip to begin, rain through the afternoon an
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6